Epic of sundiata | English homework help


20% of Course Grade: Due 3rd May, 2020


Write a six page research paper about any one of the following topics below. The 6th page should be a works cited page.


_. You must write your paper in MLA format.

-.  You should have a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, and it should be well supported in the body paragraphs.

_. You must give adequate examples to support your arguments in each body paragraph.

_. You must cite in the text at least five academic sources for your research material.

–.  Research sources must be documented in the works cited page at the end of the paper. 

Choose ONE Topic:

  1. After reading the Epic of Sundiata, discuss various cultural values you have learned about the people of Mali/Africa. Remember you should cite various values you recognize in the epic as you discuss how each is informative to you about the rich African/Mali cultural experience. 
  2. After reading the play, Oedipus the King, discuss the relevance of the play to our contemporary society. Remember you should cite various examples of what happens in the play and examples of similar things that happen in our contemporary society.
  3. Having read Charles Chaucer’s the Canterbury Tales’ General Prologue, Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale, conduct some research to explain how this story reveals the moral order of medieval life: 
  4. Address key ideas such as the nature of institution of marriage during the medieval times, 
  5. the place of women in medieval society, 
  6. men attitudes towards women, 
  7. the role of the Church in shaping the institution of marriage, 
  8. why you think Chaucer chose a female narrator/character to tell this tale, and 
  9. the moral of this story, among other things. 
  10. In the essay one paragraph towards the end should illustrate how moral order of medieval life is different from moral order in our day to day life experience (modern life). 

N/B: Remember you should cite various examples of what happens in the play and examples of similar things that happen in our contemporary society

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