Erm 681 midterm exam i fall 2017 part i (mcqs 21), ii (long qs 8),









Select the BEST answer. Enter your answers in CANVAS “Midterm Section I” under Quizz Each answer is worth 1


point. You will have only one attempt to enter your answer in Canvas.



Chapter 11 Simple Analysis of Variance


Section II (24 points)


Complete this section and submit as a hard copy by the due date. Make sure to BOLD your answers to each part of a question. Highlight only critical statistic.


Section III



Please make an answer sheet for each question in Part II. Make sure that your answer to each question is broken clearly into each lettered sub-question. As long as responses are clearly organized you do not need to retype questions. Put all of your final answers in the order and format specified by the question. Then, if SPSS output is requested, attach your SPSS output (only the relevant portions) on which you have highlighted your answers. Finally, attach all your computational work highlighting the problem number and your answers. Provide only final copies of any calculations done by hand (I don’t want multiple versions of scratch work). These responses should be turned in with the Part I answer sheet.


HW 3

Chapter 13

HOWELL Pages 453-455 8th edition or Pages 456- 456 7th Edition

You will need to interpret the results of all the analyses where relevant.


General Instructions:

  1. Unless otherwise stated do not copy and paste SPSS output.

  2. Whenever using hand calculations show all work either within the problem or as an appendix. Partial credit will not be allotted otherwise.


Que 1.

Refer to the data from Exercise 13.1 in your text and follow these instructions


  1. Rearrange the data in a table similar to Table 13.2, showing the variables, marginal means, cell means and grand mean. You don’t need to show the raw data in the table.




Details Questions are attached herewith



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