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Prison overcrowding is a problem not only in the United States but in many countries across the world.  In order to combat that there are several alternatives to prison and jail times.  Two of those include fines/restitution and probation.

Fines and restitution is meant to compensate the victim for their losses and punish the offender for committing the crime. Fines are given to those offenders that have minor violations like traffic violations.  The court will consider ordering restitution if it is necessary for rehabilitation of the offender, if it is needed to make the victim “whole” of if the crime committed against the victim created a financial loss for the victim.  The court will also consider the seriousness of the crime, the circumstances around the crime, the economic gain for the offender and the offender’s financial ability to pay now and in the future.  Restitution can go towards paying many expenses including funeral expenses, lost wages, medical and counseling expenses, to replace lost or damaged property or other out of pocket expenses the victim has.

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