Evidence-Based Practice



This assessment advances students understanding of the main components of good quality research evidence and provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to locate a research article in healthcare. Students will have the opportunity to identify the main features in a research study and to summarise and assess these features in the context of their developing knowledge on evidence-based practice and research methodology.


This assessment has two parts:

1) Article Summary – Students are to choose one out of the five research articles provided in the Assessment 2 area in Blackboard (a systematic review, a Randomised Controlled Trial, a comparative study, a case report, and a qualitative study) and undertake a summary and analysis of the article using the questions provided below.

2) Article Retrieval – Students must also demonstrate their own search for a research article.

Part 1: Article Summary

Students must provide a brief summary and analysis of their chosen article, answering the following eight questions:

  1. Why was this study undertaken?
  2. What were the aims or hypotheses?
  3. Who were the study participants and do they match the population?
  4. What was the study design?
  5. What were the overall outcomes?
  6. Were sufficient implications for clinical practice discussed?
  7. What ethical considerations were addressed, and/or not addressed, in the article?
  8. Where does this study sit on a hierarchy of evidence?

Students may answer the questions in a short answer or table format. Since the aim of this assessment is to summarise the main characteristics of the selected article, the summary of the article should be brief.

Referencing: APA style of referencing should be followed with in-text referencing and a reference list. A minimum of 2 references are to be included to support answers to the questions outlined. These can include journal articles, books, reputable websites or videos.

Part 2: Article Retrieval

It is important for evidence-based practice that students are able to use sources such as databases, the internet, and the library to find and retrieve high quality evidence. For this part of the assessment, students are required to provide a screenshot of the results of a searching task for a research article of personal interest. The article must be:

  1. Selected from a peer-reviewed journal
  2. Report on and involve human research (i.e. not animal or lab based)
  3. In your field of healthcare (specific modality)

The screenshot must show the article title, authors, date and journal title, and where you have located the article from. This may be an additional article you have found to gather information to support your answers for the Article Summary part of this assignment.

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