Government Interpretation 3


JUNE 28, 2017

Public Supports Aim of Making It ‘Easy’ for All Citizens to Vote (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Module 3 introduces us to the key elements of representative democracy: voting, elections, political parties, and interest groups. Americans value the ideas of representative democracy but we are not great practitioners of it; i.e., many citizens do not vote or contact public officials, join parties, or participate in interest groups. In recent years, especially recognizing the demographic shifts that look to favor the Democratic Party, Republican lawmakers at the state level have enacted restrictive voting laws in the name of protecting elections from voter fraud. Little known to the average American, however, is the fact that there is virtually no impersonation fraud occurring in American elections at any level of government. Evidence overwhelming supports this factual claim. So how do American feel about voting rights today?

Your task is to spend some time observing the data reported in the poll results and to interpret what this data means. Think about the results as they relate to the information you have learned in Module 3. There is no right or wrong answer, per se. Rather, I am looking to assess your ability to make sense of data that relates to our course of student.

Your Interpretation posting must be composed of a minimum of 450 relevant, responsive, and complete words in order to receive full points. Your Interpretation response can earn up to 5 points. You will use your own voice and write in your own words. No quotes, paraphrases, or plagiarism allowed. Points will be deducted if instructions are not followed. Though strongly discouraged, I do accept late submissions within three days of the due date and subject to a minimum 50% penalty.


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