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Green Energy

You want to be part of the Green Revolution and are looking to find ways to reduce your energy use. But first, you must know what your energy use is.

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Part 1What steps might you take to decrease energy use at home?Give 2 examples.Explain how you learned about these.Explain how you could implement them either now or in the future.What challenges would you have in making these changes?How do changes made by individuals relate to protecting the environment? Provide 1 example, and explain.

Part 2

There are several types of alternative fuel vehicles. See the U.S. Department of Energy Web site for details. Select 1 type of alternative fuel vehicle, and explain why this type of vehicle might or might not be a good choice to replace gasoline-powered vehicles. Also, explain why this might or might not be a good choice for your own personal use.


U.S. Department of Energy. (2013). Alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. Retrieved from



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