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Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan

Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan

Staffing Plan

The purpose of this staffing plan in the congestive heart failure (CHF) clinic is to meet the specific needs of patient care and those of the organization. Evaluation of staffing requirements and the needs of the particular needs of each department is a critical component of the annual budget making process. The staffing plan shall be reviewed on an annual basis to input and update the specific needs of the clinic in improving patient care and prudent management of the resources (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). The development of this plan was centered on scientifically based criteria among the things, patient population, length of stay, the available technology and the physical environment, skill mix, and key competencies required. Evidence based nursing standards in the country and state and the outcomes of the nursing care were also considered (Cherry & Jacob, 2016).

Evidence-Based Management Practices for Staffing Plan

After considering the needs of the clinic in providing proper care to the CHF patients, we propose to have two MD or ANP from the PCP at a time rotate into the CHF clinic for a particular period of time.We shall make use of the services of hospitalists in focusing to the needs of discharged patients. This is the case because statistics indicate that most patients relapse in the first three weeks of being discharged (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014).  It is important to acquire the vital services of the professionals in order to begin the medicine titration, address other medical issues that may arise and plan for any other clinic visits for medicine up-titration (Huber, 2013).

The nurses play a pivotal role in a CHF clinic. The most important function is reviewing the medicine of each patient before meeting up with a practitioner. The nurse seeks to establish the type of medicine the patients takes and in what doses, whether they have a scale or a home Blood Pressure Cuff among other issues that are relevant (Huber, 2013). They also follow up with the laboratory test results, make phone calls to patients to check on their progress, troubleshoot any unanticipated challenges and educate patients on importance of adherence to treatment instructions and personal healthy living (Donaho et al., 2015).

The table below summarizes the proposed CHF team and their respective duties.

Cardiologist10.5In charge of all consultative advice to all care providers and staff in the clinic
Cardiology CHF NP11The nurse should be able deputize the cardiologist in addition to being in charge of new patients and 5 follow-up patients
Hospitalists10.5Each hospitalist shall be responsible for 4 new and 2 new follow-up for recently discharged CHF patients
Primary Care Providers20.15 (Each)Each provider will be tasked with seeing 2 new patients and 3 follow-up patients
Pharm D20.3 (Each)Each provider will have six 30 minutes follow-up for medicine titration
Nutritionist10.15The professional shall have a 60 minutes group appointments and a 30 min individual appointment.
Nurse (CDU)11Will be in charge of clinic flow management, medicine administrations, helps in intake reviews of medication
Nurse (DHSM)11Conducts 20 minutes intake medication reviews, makes follow-ups through phone, carries out clinical reminders
Nurse (PC)10.15Conducts 20 minutes intake medication reviews, makes follow-ups through phone, carries out clinical reminders
Health Tech/MA10.15Records vital signs, carries out clinical reminders, and administering the New York LWHF scale.
Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan

Management and Accountability Tools and Procedures

We establish that most of the structures including legal services, facility, and security are in place. The CHF clinic will rely on a number of specialized professionals to run its services. We shall use the FTE matrix to determine the staffing and remuneration packages. We propose that the clinic be run weekly and be supervised by a cardiologist and a congestive heart failure Advanced Nursing Practitioner (CHF ANP) (Donaho et al., 2015). In our earlier meeting, we emphasized the significance of health education in advancing the quality of care and reducing the re-hospitalization rates. In this regard, we shall hold a pre-clinic educational conference weekly for new patients. We shall also endeavor to support the staff for between-clinic stability and drop-in care. The role of primary care to our clinic cannot be overemphasized. We focus on the importance learning the critical significance of diagnosing the cause of HF in every patient (Huber, 2013). Further, the matrix of HF drug management as well as improving the care of the outpatient environment is of crucial importance to our patient care program (Creaser et al., 2015).

Legal and Professional Requirements for Sourcing the Staff

Apart from the candidates fulfilling the academic and professional requirements of the jobs that will be advertised, there are other factors that must be met before they are hired. The employing committee will need to acquire and obtain the federal employer identification number, New York taxpayer identification number, the workers’ compensation insurance, verification of compliance with the immigration law, employee withholding information among other requirements (Huber, 2013). The committee shall come up with the specific job descriptions that will be used for advertisement. The New York Nurse Practice Act (NPA) provides working definitions of the various categories of nurses like practical nursing, advanced practice registered nurse among others as well as providing the legal bounds for the extent of practice of the nurses (Creaser et al., 2015). These guidelines will be considered during the hiring of the practitioners.

Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan

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