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Hi, I need help with essay on The Evidence-Base for the effectiveness of PECS. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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These include the use of manual signs, voice-output communication devices, and different picture-based systems such as the PECS. The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) employs fundamental behavioral principles and techniques such as shaping, differential reinforcement, and transfer of stimulus control through delay. The child with autism uses velcro to mount the pictures on a PECS board, known as a notebook. The pictures help the child in learning to communicate. For making a request, the child is taught to use the pictures on the PECS board to create a ‘sentence’ by selecting picture cards such as ‘I want’ card plus ‘juice’ card. This request is then delivered to a communicative partner. The PECS thus teaches a child to take the initiative in making a request for both seen and unseen items, to respond to questions such as “what do you want?”, and to make social comments such as “I see a book” or other object (Charlop-Christy et al (2002). …

percent of children with autism remain mute, despite the use of behavioral interventions such as discrete-trial procedures, incidental teaching, delay procedures, and pivotal response training. For this reason, interventions such as the Picture Exchange Communication System which focus on alternative communication strategies, have been developed, for children who do not develop speech. These programs involve nonvocal methods of communication, “and include sign language, picture-point systems, electronic devices, and other picture-communication systems”, state Charlop-Christy et al (2002, p.213). Further, the Picture Exchange Communication System is valuable for children with autism because most of them have high levels of visual memory, they are visual thinkers, and are able to memorize by rote easily, besides being able to “process a greater amount of material at a very fast pace, and are meticulous in performing tasks to the point of perfection”, state Heflin and Alaimo (2007). Individuals with insufficient language skills as a result of various disabilities or disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, are benefited by interventions using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), a visually based communication system. One of its greatest benefits is that it requires that attention be given to the message recipient using a behavior that does not require eye contact. “Showing attention to the message recipient as part of the communication act is a critical distinction between intentional action and intentional communication” (Yoder &amp. Lieberman, 2010, p.629), and increases the probability of potentially communicative behavior being responded to, by mothers or other care givers of autistic children.

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