History research project paper(2000words) | History homework help

Political Cartoon Research Project

History 1301


  • Your submission needs to include the following: 
  • Double space, 1” Margins, 12 pt Times Roman font, 
  • no spelling errors, no passive voice. 
  • you need to consult: 1 PRIMARY SOURCE AND 3 SECONDARY SOURCES for each of the pictures. No websites (some academic such as .edu and .org are acceptable.)
  • You must cite these sources within the body of the paper 
  • supply a works cited page for EACH PICTURE. MLA or Turabian format is acceptable. 
  • This project needs to be 2000 words. 
  • For each of the pictures, there are 3, you are to supply a historical analysis for each picture. 

Your analysis needs to include the following elements: 

  • provide a brief introduction with a clear thesis statement in which you state WHAT THE PICTURE REPRESENTS AND WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO ARGUE ABOUT BASED ON THE PICTURE. 
  1. BODY: 
  • Describe what you see in the picture. Also, include the author or publisher of the picture, if there is any. 
  • Historical context: what was going on that prompted the cartoon? 
    • **Use your sources to tell a story…. ****
    • Tell me: who, what, where, when, why, how about the background about the situation.  
    • Tell me: what were the effects and long-term outcomes       
  • Restate your thesis 
  • Restate or summarize your main points 
  • Provide YOUR REASONING AS TO WHAT THE PICTURE MEANS TO YOU and what this picture meant to the people in the PAST.


1.  “The Critical Period“

2.  Westward Expansion / Manifest Destiny

3.  “Bleeding Kansas.”  

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