Creating a home school partnership is one of the essential in early childhood education. I believe there are many benefits associated with having a home-school partnership. When the teacher is aware of the children’s background, learning will occur easily. The teacher will have an easy time linking the new context to what the child knows from home. Contrary, it becomes relatively hard to relate the new ideologies to what is common if the teacher is not aware of the child’s background.

Home-school partnership is not unidirectional. It is important in two ways both to the teacher and to the parent. Raising and educating the child becomes easy when the teacher knows what happens at home and the parent has a relationship with what the child does at school too. Effective partnership between home and the school leads to a better cognitive and academic outcome in children. The children depict improvement in test scores, increased homework completion, reduced need for special education and improved school attendance.

A home-school partnership I experienced from my own schooling that promoted learning and attendance was a sheet that goes between school and home on a daily basis where the teacher had a section he wanted the parent to fill responses to some question. The parent too could send sections he/she wanted the teacher to fill with appropriate response.

An approach that I can use to foster home-school partnership is to create a one-page sheet that will be circulating from home to school and vice versa daily. The information I would want to capture from the parent include number of hours the child slept the night before, any changes at home breakfast eaten and potential illnesses. I would share information about behavior at school, goals met and social opportunities established.

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