How far does consumption shape the identity of young people in the UK today?

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1. Introduction – This should explain briefly the overview of your research project. It should include:

• Research questions, aim/s, and objectives

The research question should be clearly stated. There should be an overall aim and a number of specific, realistic objectives.

• Rationale – Why?

Present a brief justification for carrying out this research. You may wish to discuss who would be interested in such a study and/or what has been done to date in this area. A literature review may enable you to identify a gap in the research.

2. Literature Review – You should provide a brief overview of the key themes and concepts which you consider relevant to this area of study and the theoretical framework which you are planning to employ in your dissertation. Where appropriate, this should be referenced.

3. Methodology – What? How? Why?

You should identify the research approach you are intending to follow and clearly outline your research strategy. You should provide a rationale for this. An evaluation of your chosen methods should be presented, stating strengths and weaknesses, and discussing possible alternatives. Your methodology should be linked to your objectives.

Each of the following should be considered:

(a) Sample – Population of interest, sample size, selection strategy

(b) Methods – Techniques, and procedures to be used, triangulation, reliability, validity.

At this stage but should give some thought as to what you intend to do with your data. Your proposed analytical techniques may influence your methodology.

(d) Anticipated limitations – No research is perfect! Highlight any limitations which you can foresee and suggest how these might be overcome.

4. Timescale – A detailed action plan of work to be completed throughout the duration of your dissertation should be prepared.

5. Ethical considerations – Address issues such as health and safety, consent, confidentiality, competence.

  1. Presentation – The proposal should be within the set word limit (1,800 words) and presented clearly and concisely. It should be referenced throughout with a list of full references, incorrect format, at the end of the proposal.

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