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For this assignment, choose a piece of public art in Chicago. The work of art that you select can be a painting, mural, sculpture, drawing, building statue – anything, so long as it is available for the public to see. You may choose something displayed in a museum, or something that is outdoors.

If you are at a loss for what to choose, here is a website that may give you some ideas:

When you have chosen a work of art, state its title and artist. Then, write three paragraphs about the piece:

Paragraph 1: Describe the “aim” of the art you have chosen. Why do you believe its author created it? You may want to review Chapter 2 in your text to revisit some of the more common aims of the art. Remember to back up your stance with detail and support.

Paragraph 2: Choose one of the formal elements of art discussed in Chapter 3 (color, texture, space and shape, etc.) and analyze it in terms of the work you have chosen. What impact does the element have on the work of art you have chosen?

Paragraph 3: In paragraph 3, discuss the theme of the work of art as you interpret it. What impression does it give you upon first viewing it? How does it make you feel? What does the author seem to want to communicate to you, as the viewer? Make sure to back up your opinion with details from the work itself.

Each paragraph must be a minimum of 6 sentences long.

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