I Will Pay For The Following Essay Sexual Dysfunction The Essay Is To Be 13 Page

I will pay for the following essay Sexual Dysfunction. The essay is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Sex influences many aspects of the life of the individual. However, individuals of all races, gender, and age may encounter sexual problems. These problems include low libido, lack of intimacy, premature ejaculation, low sexual drive (LSD) among others. Both women and men may encounter lower sexual drive with age. This can be related to the decrease of estrogen and testosterone respectively. In this paper, we will focus more on low libido and low sexual desire in both women and men. Low sexual desires often arise due to low libido (Gehart, 2012). Libido, a term which arises from the Latin language means desire. Libido has further been described as the urge for, drive to or interest in sexual satisfaction through sexual activity or objects. It refers to a phenomenon of species-typical complex construct that leads to the generation of responsiveness to erotic stimuli. This stimulus may include sexual cues, response to sexual arousal and spontaneous sex-related fantasies and thoughts. These stimuli can be gravely influenced by cultural and social factors (Balon, 2011). Different hormones in both males and females can be attributed to sex stimuli in the same. Physiological activities contribute to the sexual desires in different settings. Biologically, the neurochemical and endocrine hormones both contribute to the relational and motivational components of sexual desire. These components may act as enhancers or inhibitors of sexual desire. The female and male sexual cycle relies on the amygdala through meditation of estrogen or androgen.&nbsp.

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