I Will Pay For The Following Essay Shakespeares Universal Appeal As Shown In Ham

I will pay for the following essay Shakespeares Universal Appeal as Shown in Hamlet. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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“Many attempts have been made to “explain” Shakespeare’s tragic phase as the result of circumstances in his own life. We know that Hamnet, his only son, died in 1596, his father in 1601, and his mother in 1608. The last years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign were darkened by trouble at home and abroad. All over Europe, the end of the Renaissance was a time of confusion and frightening premonitions of change. All of this and probably more intimate experiences of which we know nothing about must have been grist to Shakespeare’s mill. But the crucial question, how experience is transmitted into tragic poetry, is unanswerable”.

There are innumerable other reasons for the many and varied attractions of Shakespeare. His storytelling ability is one. His knowledge of England’s history is another. His sense of humor even in his tragedies is ever present is still another. Personally, Shakespeare is number one on my list if only because he puts a high premium on morals. In Macbeth, the hero is imbued with intelligence, strength, courage, honor even in the face of death, respect for parents and the like.

In conclusion, the three excellences of Shakespeare: great characterization, thematic fullness and excellence of style in generous proportions have contributed to his universal appeal in the world of literature. Ben Johnson’s Tribute to Shakespeare may well be ours too – “He was not of an age but for all time.” England must indeed share Shakespeare with the rest of the world, including and especially China, the land of my birth.

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