I Will Pay For The Following Essay Short Bibliography Response Hamlet The Essay

I will pay for the following essay Short bibliography response–hamlet. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In most instances, the author has preferred to cite the responses of other critics and the ways in which they have envisaged Ophelia. however, he has also submerged his own views under the garb of a female literary critic. This is clear when she writes about the perception of Carol Neely: “As a feminist critic, I must tell the story of Ophelia” (1). In the very next moment the author is surprised and questions as to what story can be told about Ophelia. is it her love and betrayal by the society, her brother, father, lover and the court?

While the motto of this thesis is to bring out Ophelia and her character through different approaches, it dedicates too much on the aspect of feminism, which is not desirable keeping in mind the magnitude of her being. One of the most significant elements that have been addressed by the author is the essence of the character of Ophelia particularly as pointed by Bridget Lyons: “Ophelia is most persistently presented in terms of symbolic meaning” (3). The different hues of her character as presented are not only directed towards women, but also helps the readers to comprehend Ophelia even if it is not much in

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