I Will Pay For The Following Essay Short Report On Ancient Athens The Essay Is T

I will pay for the following essay Short Report on Ancient Athens. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Finally it concludes that the system was indeed democratic.

The assembly, court, and council comprised the political institutions which governed ancient Athens. Throughout the history of Athens, the assembly remained the main avenue for political activity. It functioned to protect the integrity and security of the city state. It also had the power to negotiate or break treaties with foreign powers. The council was responsible for preparing the laws which would be passed by the assembly. The legal system was extensive and developed for that time period. The total population of Athens is reported to be around three hundred thousand people. Out of this population an estimate fifty thousand males were eligible for voting and participating in the political system. Pericles said in a speech that the Athenian system of government favored the majority of the citizens (“Pericles Funeral Oration”).

One problem faced by the Athenian democracy was the clash between the court and assembly. A law was passed in 416 BC in which the courts could block or veto any law passed by the assembly. Any assembly member who had proposed the law could also be punished by the courts. This law restricted the power of the assembly. It also became a source of tension and frustration. Another problem faced by the city state was that ordinary citizens had too much power concentrated in running the affairs of the state. Pericles stated that the Athenian system provided “equal justice” for all of its citizens (“Pericles Funeral Oration”). The lack of professional civil servants, lawyers, judges, and politicians hindered the day to day affairs of the city state. It led to the inefficient allocation and use of resources as the citizens had direct power to pass or draft laws. An example of this would be the fact that amateur citizens could reduce taxes which might have been necessary for the survival of the government. The citizen initiator

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