Imagine there is another caravan park club

Case Study Background As the post-war baby boomers approach retirement, and with the increased importance given to leisure, there has been an increase in the demand for good quality travel accommodation. Traditional caravan parks have been replaced with high quality privately-owned caravan parks. Independent caravan parks are at a distinct disadvantage for a number of reasons and as a consequence they often join together to form caravan park ‘clubs’. These clubs (which you might describe loyalty clubs) offer travellers added benefits but also help the organisation to ‘lock in’ club members to the particular club.  
There are a number of main caravan park clubs in operation across Australia; Family Parks, Big4,Top Parks, Kuri Parks This is no different from other competitive environments such as hotel liquor shops or chemist shops which are independent but join together (eg Thirsty Camel, Duncans, Chemist Warehouse, AMCAL). Each of these chains often have loyalty cards.   
Imagine there is another caravan park club called Coast to Country Parks (CCP Club). Like the other clubs its aim is to enable the parks to provide common services and build loyalty amongst members of the public who joined the club. They have a large number of independent caravan parks that provide accommodation to the public club members in all states of Australia.   
There is currently an ad hoc approach to service management by IT support staff at the Head Office located in Melbourne and both small and large caravan parks.  
Requirements IT Service Management has been adequate over the years. However in recent times there has been increasing concern about the level of service. Imagine that you have been asked to investigate options for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the CCP Club. Imagine that they have no idea what is meant by an SLA, what it should include and the criteria they might use to select one over another. You are to write a brief report outlining details of your research and the criteria they could use to determine the most appropriate provider

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