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Assignment 2: Final Project:—Relief from Removal

Dominique and Michael have been having marriage problems; Michael has been verbally abusive to her for the past two months. Dominique moved out of their home and found herself another place to live. She filed a change of address form with USCIS. One month later, Dominique received a Notice to Appear stating that she would have to appear for a Removal Hearing before the Immigration Judge in one month. 

Dominique does not want to be removed from the United States. She comes into your office asking what she can do to stay in the country. Your supervising attorney asks you to research the situation and draft a memorandum that spells out the relief, if any, that Dominique can use to stay in the United States. He also asks you to fill out any forms that she would need to fill out for relief from removal.

You are also asked to draft a letter to Dominique informing her about what happens in the removal proceeding and how to prepare for the hearing and informing her of any forms that need to be prepared or documents that she needs to send into your office for relief from removal. You will do all of this under the supervision of your attorney.

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