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Impact Report To Senior Leadership Essay

Impact Report To Senior Leadership Essay

Impact report to Senior Leadership

Nursing Challenge

Nursing is an important field within the health care system as it helps in the interpretation and transmission of valuable information among the players in the structure. The sheer number of engagements between nurses and patients in social media platforms continues to swell each day. While there has been a slow uptake of the use of social media and digital communication, its use in nursing practice can help the students and the professionals develop critical skills of communication, ethical practice, patient privacy issues, and broader health policies.

It is evident that the integration of social media as an educational method has some barriers in the health care system. However, its widespread use in the modern society and the potential to transform how health care provision is managed should not be ignored. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the various nursing and health care provision institutions to embrace the tool as a viable means of communication between the patients and nurses to improve the quality of care offered to the communities. It has been documented that the nursing profession has been left behind in the use of the platforms to disseminate information and knowledge, which has an impact on the satisfaction rates among the patients and their families (Schmitt, Sims-Giddens, & Booth, 2012).

 After careful consideration, it is the informed opinion of this committee that there is need to educate the prospective nursing professionals of the potential that social media use has in improving the approval and satisfaction rates of the patients. The committee proposes the creation of a position of Manager-Digital communication to lead the integration of social media communication into the curriculum.

Organizational structure

The chief nursing officer who is deputized by two directors heads the nursing department of the Springs Teaching and Referral Hospital: deputy director nursing education and development and deputy director nursing practice. The deputy directors supervise assistant managers who head various divisions in the department. As an example, the deputy director nursing education and development have two assistant directors in charge of the nursing and nursing administration. Assistant directors of Medical, Surgical, and Maternal / Pediatric services assist the deputy director nursing practice. The structure has cascading levels to the lowest cadre of junior nurses.

The Springs Teaching and Referral Hospital’s mission is to ensure the provision of compassionate nursing care with a unique focus on individual needs of clients. The institution is guided by the values of individualized nursing care and creating an environment that prioritizes active and timely delivery of information between patients and the health care team. The facility is committed to its mission of ensuring that the communities of Louisiana have a caring and teaching institution that is dedicated to nursing excellence.

The Springs Hospital’s philosophy of nursing reflects the professional practice values where nursing care is individualized with attention to compassion and sensitivity to the diverse cultural background. To achieve these high levels of community health and wellness, the institution emphasizes collaboration among the patients and their families and the nurses in the planning and provision of quality care. Further, the facility offers holistic nursing care guided by ethical principles of research findings and experience (Ferguson, 2013).

According to Betty Neuman’s model of a holistic healing, the institution offers a flexible in its use of various methods in preventing, retaining, attaining and maintaining of wellness of the patient. However, the facility is yet to adopt the changing pedagogy into its program to realize its mission. The nursing curriculum is continuously revised to match the changing environment regarding technological advancements. Therefore, the graduating nursing professionals should be able to operate in technology-enabled environments. Indeed, it has been argued that nurses will have to go back to school in the foreseeable future to advance their education (Neuman & Fawcett, 2002).

How The Nursing Challenge Creates A Gap Or Conflict Between The Organizations Statements And Practice.

This committee identified a gap in the use of social media to promote the nursing practice and educational goals. The integration of social media in nursing profession improves and enhances best practices for privacy, ethics, health policies and research functions. To fill this gap, the committee proposes the establishment of a new position within the department to develop this new teaching methodology (Schmitt et al., 2012). The position is geared towards helping the students sharpen their skills to match the ever-changing market requirements in addition to reducing the span of control of the departmental leadership.

Social media enhances interactive learning by students in addition to promoting partnerships among professionals and patients. There is the availability of publication and materials that focus on the ethical use of medical social media to aid the students and professionals share information across the nursing system. Some of the current platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Podcast provide important avenues for sharing knowledge among students (Ferguson, 2013).

SWOT Analysis


  • The institution operated more than 3.5 billion dollars in 2015 in addition to employing more than 1000employees
  • The physicians of the facility are among the highly recommended from famous magazines
  • A long history of success since its establishment in 1945


  • Highly trained and qualified APRNs working as registered nurses to provide efficiency of operational costs
  • Cost cutting opportunity arising from the implementation of the ObamaCare Act


  • The rising cost of health care
  • Impersonality and failure to protect the privacy of information as it should be
  • Underinsured and uninsured patients presents a significant weakness in costing the provision of healthcare


  • Stiff competition from other institutions in the town
  • Workforce shortage with large spans of control
  • The high cost of health care.

The Position

The manger-Digital Communication position perfectly fits the current needs of technologically integrating the nursing practice to promote professional communication and upholding ethical practice and research. Besides enhancing the health policy as well as improving the writing competencies of nurses, valuable information on safeguarding the privacy of patients is shared using the platforms.

Job Description

The position will be tasked to oversee all operations in the newly created unit of digital communication. This includes staff supervision and curriculum implementation. The successful candidate to fill this position should be a trained nurse with extensive clinical and management experience.


Besides a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, the candidate should possess a nursing communication certificate acquired as a short course. Five years of experience in the position of assistant manager or an equivalent level is mandatory.


The position is responsible for supervising staff within the unit in addition to assigning tasks, valuing employee performance and establishing strategies and procedures for the successful operation of the unit. The position is in charge of setting goals and standards and mentoring junior officers.

The holder of the position will be required to apply research-based evidence in establishing the standards for digital communication in the unit. Besides, they will be needed to monitor and evaluate the implementation of programs as well assess the student records to examine the value of the teaching offered. Administratively, the manager will manage the budget of the unit and ensure the security of the assets under their supervision.


In addition to the technical skills of communication, the manager, should demonstrate excellent communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

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