INFS2621: Enterprise Systems

1. Introduction and background
Provide a brief overview of the structure of the report and background
of the case organisation (size, industry sector, core-business, origins).
2. Current state analysis
a. Analyse and describe your organisation’s key business needs.
b. Analyse and describe your organisation’s current ES capabilities.
c. Conduct a “gap analysis” by evaluating and explaining to what
extent the organisation’s current ES meet its business needs and
identify key opportunities for improvement.
Hint: You may find that a table to be an effective way to provide a
concise overview of your analysis, followed by describing and
explaining the key issues identified.
3. Upgrade recommendation
a. Identify which recent developments in ES (e.g., analytics and/or
in-memory computing, cloud, Internet of Things and/or social
media integration, advances in user experience design and/or
mobility, etc.) are the most relevant and important for the
organisation. Explain how and why these are important, given the
organisation’s key business needs.
b. Recommend to your organisation an ES to upgrade their existing
system(s) with. Be specific about your suggested solution (e.g.,
Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, etc.).
c. Justify why your recommended solution is the best fit for your
organisation in the context of its business needs, existing ES,
technological advances, and software solutions available.
3. Migration strategy
a. Recommend to your organisation which conversion approach
(phased, pilot, parallel or big bang) would be appropriate for
the proposed ES upgrade considering their circumstances,
and justify why.
b. Identify three critical success factors your organisation should
carefully manage during implementation to ensure project
success and explain why you believe these three factors to
be particularly important for this project.
c. Discuss the potential social, cultural and ethical implications
of the proposed ES upgrade project. Recommend to your
organisation how they could avoid or mitigate any potentially
negative implications you have identified.
4. Clarity, consistency and presentation.
Your report should be in the format of a business report and of a
standard suitable to be read by senior management:
a. Logically structured and the sections well-integrated.
b. Neat and consistent presentation and formatting
c. Appropriate referencing following the Harvard style.
d. Prepared in a word processor and submitted to Turnitin in either
Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.

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