It would be a wise move for a sole proprietorship business that provides services like car repair and doesn’t have a website to develop an internet strategy which will in turn increase its sales and the knowledge that people have about the business. The business would be a success if the sole proprietor is skilled and inclined at troubleshooting malfunctions which are mechanical in automobiles. Ability and knowledge on this area would be a great asset for the start of such a business.

There are various steps which the sole proprietor can take so as to increase the chances of it being a success. First, he needs to write a business plan which would include information regarding finances and the planned hours of operating in business. He should design a process which entails where one may get financial help if in need, and find out the best working hours which are suitable for this type of business (Evans, 2010).

Finding the most appropriate location for the car repair business would greatly benefit the business. This can be in regards to the drive-by traffic counts, the size and so on. The location should be fully accessible to the clients, have amenities which favor the clients for instance have a rest room and lastly, have a place which would be suitable for the storage of tools as well as an office or room which the business owner may use. Such a business may build its name and make the business a success by using the internet as a strategy. This allows for the business to communicate to the potential clients why the specific car repair business is the best choice (Zarrella, 2009).

This business would greatly benefit from having its own website which would be well thought of and legitimate and would in turn be designed to engage and inform its audience. This is because the business stops being invisible as more people are able to find the business online (Zarrella, 2009). A website is a great sales tools and makes the business man to have the ability to provide any trusted information which the clients may need, as well as address all the concerns of the client. The website makes the business to build its confidence as it shows all the incentives and buying information which the customers may need (Weinberg, 2009).

One of the ways in which the business can increase its profits through the internet is by using the social media. For instance, LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter. This is because thousands of potential clients visit these sites for fun and others for business. Part of this process can be done by creating a company LinkedIn profile for the business as well as creating accounts for Twitter and Facebook (Zarrella, 2009). This can be followed by creating pages with business names so as to make it easier for the potential clients to search for the business through the social media.

The business man can consider factors such as identifying and developing the ideal client. At first, one may think that as long as someone has a car, he/she is an ideal customer. This is wrong as there are many factors to consider. For instance, one may choose to only focus only on females who are single as they most likely will take their cars for repair (Weinberg, 2009).

Most men on the other hand prefer working on their own cars, so they may not frequent the business as much as the ladies. Most rich people who earn more than $15,000 per year will most likely outsource their auto maintenance, since they basically don’t have any time on their hands to take their cars in car repair businesses (Evans, 2010).

After the identification process is over, the business owner may choose to search for his potential clients in social media by their income, ages, gender and so on. The next step is to be a resource who is an expert in regards to the chosen field and to consider making posts on articles. For instance, making posts which broaden the client’s knowledge in matters regarding the kind of motor oil which would be best for a car which is very old. The business man would also consider reminding his clients through social media to make regular checks on their car’s tires for improper wear. The business man can use twitter as the best resource for couponing matters since it is an impulse site. For example, he can use it to tell some of his clients to show one of his tweets and get a 34% discount on oil (Zarrella, 2009).

Lastly, being friendly doesn’t cost a thing. As many would think, this would be a waste of time. Most people like to do business with business men who are warm and friendly. A business man may earn himself clients if he shows slight interest in the personal lives of the potential clients. Since people list their birthdays in some social sites such as Facebook, a business man may send them messages in regards to their birthdays and give them gifts such as coupons. From time to time, commenting on their posts may also make the potential customers notice the business (Evans, 2010). The potential customers will be interested in the business thus raise the possibility of the business being a success.


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