Is adhd ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) a real disorder?

These papers are to be in APA style, and a minimum of 10 pages in length, not including title page, abstract, and bibliography. There should be an adequate number of sources. This paper should clearly delineate what the literature says regarding at least two contrasting issues of the topic and must also contain a personal perspective about the topic from you that comes naturally from this knowledge base, siding with one issue or the other in some way.
An APA title page with a running head
A one half page or so abstract
An introduction, stating the topic approved and why it has grabbed your attention 
a YES position on the question you post in the intro…with literature to support it
A NO position on this question, with literature as well
Your position, with statements like “I believe…for a page or more.
…and then why you so believe…the last two parts need no references, just your heart felt statements. 
References sufficient for the work, prepared in APA style…generally no less than half as many references as you have pages and typically more. 
Be sure to put page numbers in upper right hand corner, with running head in upper left hand corner and use APA citations in paper when needed. 

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