summarize the two cases attached

the facts of the case

the issue or question involved

the decision of the court

the reason for the decision.

outside sources not needed

For this discussion board, imagine that you are an attorney……the fancy suits, the nice car, working 90 hours a week……

Your client has called you reporting that she ordered the “latest” and greatest shoes for her store from a distributor of designer only shoes. She emails you a copy of the order for “1000 pairs of Women’s shoes, designer only, all sizes (5-12), in new condition only, with original boxes only”.

She received the delivery today, and ran to call you. She received 1000 pairs of shoes. However, only three pairs are from designers she has ever heard of, or can even find on google, and 890 pairs are size 5 or 12!

She is irate, and wants to sue the distributor for 1 million dollars (of course), and she tells you that she spent $50,000 advertising a sample sale for these shoes starting tomorrow!

-For your assignment, post a letter from you, the attorney, to the seller of the goods,

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