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Liberty university biol 102 quiz 5: Essay Fountain

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Liberty University BIOL 102 Quiz 5

·         Question 1

3 out of 3 points

​Which cells mature in the thymus gland?


·         Question 2

3 out of 3 points

​Which line of defense is the body’s inborn, general defense mechanism?

·         Question 3

3 out of 3 points

During swallowing food, which structure moves downward to prevent food from entering the trachea?​

·         Question 4

3 out of 3 points

Cigarette smoking causes ____.​

·         Question 5

3 out of 3 points

The major nerve that controls inspiratory activity is the ____.​

·         Question 6

3 out of 3 points

Under normal conditions how much air from each breath is considered “dead space” air?​

·         Question 7

3 out of 3 points

​The third line of defense against foreign invaders is ____.

·         Question 8

3 out of 3 points

​Which portion of the lymphatic system is the major site of antibody production?

·         Question 9

3 out of 3 points

Which disorder is characterized by bronchiole spasms?​

·         Question 10

3 out of 3 points

​The enzyme found in mucus that destroys bacteria is ____.

·         Question 11

3 out of 3 points

The double-layered membrane that covers the lungs is the ____.​

·         Question 12

3 out of 3 points

Because of hemoglobin, blood is able to carry ____ times more oxygen than what can dissolve in the blood.​

·         Question 13

3 out of 3 points

What is found in the space between the two parts of the pleural membrane?​

·         Question 14

3 out of 3 points

In order for an oxygen molecule to enter the blood from the lungs it must first cross the ____.​

·         Question 15

3 out of 3 points

Which disorder is the result of a bacterial infection that destroys patches of lung tissue and can also spread to other body parts?​

·         Question 16

3 out of 3 points

​Which cells are found in lymph nodes to clear away bacteria and other unwanted substances?

·         Question 17

3 out of 3 points

Which portion of the larynx is the Adam’s apple?​

·         Question 18

3 out of 3 points

The epithelium across which gases exchange is the ____.​

·         Question 19

3 out of 3 points

During voice production, air rushing through which structure causes the vocal cords to vibrate?​

·         Question 20

3 out of 3 points

The amount of air that can be forcibly inspired after a normal inhalation is the ____.​

·         Question 21

3 out of 3 points

​The use of which type of medication may lead to vaginal yeast infections?

·         Question 22

0 out of 3 points

​A disease that occurs more or less all the time is classified as ____.

·         Question 23

3 out of 3 points

​Which chemical released from the brain causes a fever?

·         Question 24

3 out of 3 points

​The cell-mediated immune response is a function of ____.

·         Question 25

3 out of 3 points

During inhalation, ____.​


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