Life in Michigan.

Life in Michigan is very different from that of other states. It has the most unpredictable climate in the United States. The weather maybe represents the ups and downs of living in Michigan. Michigan is a place that suits all personalities perfectly. It is a state full of surprises for someone who is visiting for the very first time. It is a state with unique characteristics just like all other states each has a unique feel to them. In this essay, I will talk about Michigan, the good things about living in Michigan as well as the bad.

At the mention of the Michigan state, people think it is just cold. However, once you are in Michigan, you can experience all four seasons in just two days. It is the place to live for people who do not like being stuck in one type of weather for even a month nonstop ( Michigan will treat you to chills when you wake up but later in the day sun shines, and it’s warm. One can go skiing today or natural snow, and tomorrow it is safe and conducive for swimming. The climate in Michigan is always friendly for activities both indoor and outdoor throughout the year.  Michigan State considered people friendly.

 Apart from the excellent environment for working, there are enough facilities for recreation. Michigan State is not all so rosy. People from other states go to Michigan, and it is as if they cannot wait to leave already. Most people who move there to work say it is hard to make friends. Their social life in Michigan is miserable. They think it is hard to make friends quickly. The favorable weather conditions of Michigan are only comfortable when in the good company of friends and friendly strangers.

The cost of living in Michigan is minimal compared to the other metropolitan areas or states found in the mid-west ( The consumer price index for Michigan has been lower than the national state average for the last one decade. The education system in Michigan is excellent as they produce students who are prepared to go into the world (Corporation). The state uses the K-12 school system, and it is home to one hundred and nineteen colleges and universities and over three hundred technical and vocational schools ( Averagely in 2009, almost six thousand MBAs were awarded to students in the schools and colleges and approximately one thousand five hundred students graduate with PhDs on a yearly basis in Michigan.

The state of Michigan is becoming a leading spot fast for those who want to move to Michigan and live there. The state not only has a rational cost of living, but there are also abundant housing opportunities in the areas that are beautiful from which one can choose from ( The education system in Michigan is exemplary, the climatic conditions are favorable, there are abundant entertainment options, and most of all, the beautiful scenery of Michigan State. The primary reason for relocating to Michigan is the favorable climatic conditions which are facilitated by the four seasons, namely, winter, autumn, summer, and spring; that are experienced in Michigan. Opportunities for recreation which happen to coincide with each of the four seasons.

 The cost of living is the most advantageous aspect for the residents of Michigan State. When one compare the cost of living in Michigan with other places, you will notice that it is considerably lower than the majority of the other areas in the nation ( But this is dependable on which are or part of Michigan one wants to live in. The housing deals one get is great, and this is facilitated by the booming real estate businesses. When one moves with the whole family, you would be interested in the system of education in the Michigan area ( The public schools in Michigan boast to be among the finest of schools coupled with above average success rates and high standards of education in the country. The education sector has also been boosted with the many trade schools, colleges, private schools, and universities in the area.

Michigan is not only a good state to conduct business activities, but the lifestyle that the state offers from the outdoors that is great to the excitement that is provided by the urban life ( The two peninsulas of Michigan State are all surrounded by the four lakes that have more than four thousand kilometer stretch of a shoreline (Corporation). This is more compared to all the other states. This is probably the reason many people choose their vacations as Michigan State. Michigan boasts of great hot spots in the world such as Mackinac Island and the Sleeping Bear Dunes, which are just two of the eleven thousand inland lakes ( The state has more than nineteen million acres of land covered with forest cover.

The state has numerous activities all year round irrespective of the season being experienced ( Sports are one of the main activities that the people of Michigan participate in all year round. Michigan boasts of their big major league teams such as Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, or Detroit Tigers. Michigan has the best golf courses and ski areas in the country for those who love outdoor sceneries and love hiking; the state has scenic trails stretching over two thousand kilometers.

Michigan has the most significant institutions of culture in the country, from Monroe to Marquette. The home of the best collection of antiquities and art in northern America is the Detroit Institute of Arts. The sculpture park and the Frederick Meijer Gardens are one of those places one must see for those who love outdoor sculpture and horticulture. Other sites best for the tourists and also those who live in Michigan are the Henry Ford Museum, the Greenfield Village, and the Motown Museum ( The Interlochen Center for Arts and the College for Creative studies are centers and colleges offered by the state that provides people with a chance to study art and music.

Whether one is searching for opportunities for culture, recreation, sports, or a booming nightlife, Michigan State offers them all ( The many theaters, museums, and cultural events that occur all around the calendar and it serves to quench the interest of those who want to explore the diversity that is being offered to them by the state. Both adults and children will relish the big range of beaches, gardens, and parks that are available. The night life for the adults is spectacular. The restaurants, night clubs, bars, and casinos that they can all get a taste of the adventures the nightlife has to offer to them.

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