Media And Crime DB




Follow  the stories posted on the Critical Criminology Facebook page for the  next few days. Also review past stories. From among the topics  presented:

  1. Define a justice-related topic about which scholarly researchers, policymakers, and the general public may disagree.
  • For example, while the research has failed to find significant  problems with recreational marijuana use, and many intelligent people  support legalization, the “gateway drug” myth remains strong, and  marijuana remains illegal.
  1. Describe the disconnect, focusing on public attitudes. As  criminology students, you already have a better understanding of reality  than the general public, so don’t assume your opinion is typical.
  • For example, most of you understand why the death penalty is not  an effective deterrent. If we survey 100 Walmart shoppers we may  discover a different perspective.
  1. How has your selected issue been “socially defined?” Please provide  specific examples of the disconnection between scientific reality,  public perception, and/or public policy.
  • Specific examples of media bias are especially welcome. As asked  above, what would be the result if an individual or group chose to  receive news from just one (biased) source?

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