Media reaction paper/project | Sociology homework help Link to the movie Sarafina which is the media source for this project. 

Attached are class lecture notes to be correlated with the paper.   

Posted lectures reference:

Reali, C. (2019). Race and Ethnicity. Lecture notes from Chapter 14. SOCY 3720-E01 Global Perspectives on Social. Issues, UCD Summer 2019.

Acceptable media sources for this project are:
1) A book* (fiction or non-fiction), with a central theme or story strongly related to the course. 
2) An article, online or printed, from an academic journal, newspaper, magazine, website, etc. 
3) A documentary* dealing with any of the central or specific notions covered in class throughout the semester. (You cannot use the ones watched in class).  
4) A movie* of your choosing as long as it strongly relates/discusses/deals with/pertains to any notions covered in class.

For your media reaction project, less than 2 ½ pages (of actual content) earns you an automatic failing grade and 2 ½ – 2 ¾ pages long of content equals a significant grade penalty.

I will be grading your media reaction project on the following specific aspects: 
1- The choosing of ONE main external source. (Any other sources are optional)
2- A solid, clear, and productive synopsis and/or explanation of your source. What is it, what is it about, main theme(s), why you   chose it, how does it fit your project? (I recommend you dedicate, at least, one page of your work to this section)
3- A solid, clear, pertinent, relevant and well-established course material correlation. BE VERY SPECIFIC. I expect you to go beyond just saying which unit, section, or lecture your source correlates to. Explain your correlation in great detail. I also suggest you correlate your source to one main aspect of course material, shy away from having multiple correlations that can, and more than likely will, dilute the strength of this important requirement. (I also highly recommend you dedicate, at least, one page of your work to this section)
4- I will expect personal insight inclusion along with your reactions to your chosen source, its meaningfulness, your chosen course material correlation, and equally important, the social meaning of your project. (I, once again, suggest that you dedicate one page of your work to this section).

Please remember that your media reaction project must follow these requirements:

You will need to include actual class material from your required posted lectures, directly quoted or paraphrased along with their corresponding in-text citations, within your project. It is a major requirement. Then, as usual, your choice of a required second internal source.

  • Your project needs to be 3 – 5 pages of actual content. (If beyond 5 pages, no problem and no penalty)
  • Double spaced. One-inch margins all around. No exceptions.
  • Times New Roman font type and no bigger than 12 size font. No exceptions.
  • Your work should follow APA, or MLA, or Chicago Style writing style guidelines.
  • The inclusion and detailed discussion of actual class material is required for this work.
  • You need to capitalize all racial and ethnic groups, as well as any sexual minorities.
  • No use of contractions is allowed.
  • Include your name, a header, page numbers, and a main academic title. A bibliography or “works cited” page is required, unless if using footnotes.
  • A title page is optional and your bibliography and title page do not count as part of your length requirement nor any introductory information (i.e., name, course, main academic title, etc.)

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