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Mental Health Essay

Mental Health

“Time to Change” website is part of a growing social movement that aims at fighting and ending mental health stigma and discrimination (Time to Change, 2017). The website informs us how difficult it is for mentally ill people to seek help for the fear of discrimination, judgment, shame and isolation which delays their treatment and impairs recovery. The stigma against those who come out makes their lives difficult questioning why they made the decision. “Time to Change” creates awareness that helps us understand the health condition and improve our attitudes and behaviours towards it. The movement targets its missions on schools, employers and communities. It has changed the attitudes and behaviours of millions of people and paved way for similar life-changing movements.

The website informs us how a lot of people feel safe from contracting a mental illness or having a close friend or relative suffer from it. However, in any given year, one out of four people struggles with a mental health problem. This tells us that mental illnesses are normal just like any other health condition and they can affect anyone. It is a myth that we cannot do anything to help people with mental problems. Empathizing with these people and encouraging them to seek treatment can make a huge impact in their lives and help them recover their normal lives back.

I also learnt of the different types of mental health problems that people can suffer from. Different mental health issues have names that help to distinguish the groups of symptoms and put them into one category (“Rethink Mental Illness,” n.d.). Identifying these symptoms in people we know can enable us to help them go through what is often a difficult period in life. Extensive mental health researches on the causes of different mental health problems, how to spot them, cope and prevent their occurrences is one way through which we can improve the Mental Health Awareness outcomes. The scientific research can help provide up to date evidence on the different mental health problems and practical knowledge that people can be educated on to help themselves, others or prevent its occurrence.

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