Mgmt 422 week 4 group project


MGMT 422 week 4 Group project 

Individual Portion

Your individual task will be to contribute a section of the product proposal and pro-forma statement for the new product idea. Make sure your portion is 2 pages. In addition to sending it to a designated person who will consolidate all of the contributions into a proposal, this paper will be submitted to your instructor. 

  1. Individually,      each student will create 3–4 slides (with 200–250 word speaker notes per      slide) covering their portion of the proposal in slide presentation format      to be pitched to investors.
  2. Make sure      to provide APA citation and references for both portions of this      assignment. 

Please add your file.

Part 1: Group Proposal

  1. Using the      Small Group Discussion Board, the group will come to a consensus on a single product      idea and develop a proposal of 8–10 pages addressing this new product, the      state of its industry, and details of its market.
  2. The group      will also come to a consensus on the business model approach:      intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial. Details about the character of the      company, its contributors, of why this approach was chosen for this      project should be included in the proposal.
  3. Provide      information on the product selected, its market, and its industry.
  4. The      proposal must also provide new information on the chosen product’s main      competitors, how their product is different the competition, and detail      the demographics of the product’s target customer.
  5. Additionally,      the proposal should include a company overview of pro-forma, its business      principles, its contributing team members including details about their      skills and strengths, and a basic pro-forma income statement utilizing      business premier index. This should include basic cost projections and      other resource requirements for the product. Download Pro-Forma Statement Template. 

Each member of the group should select a section of the proposal described above. In addition, select a member of the group who will consolidate all of the individual contributions into one clear and polished piece upon which a decision to proceed can be based.  

In addition to discussing the logistics of completing the project, each team member is expected to contribute the following: 

  • a minimum      of 1 contribution about the product, its industry, market, its      demographic, its competitors, etc.
  • a minimum      of 1 contribution about the company, its business model approach, its team      members skills and strengths, its principles, etc. 

Part 2: Presentation

Lastly, the group will prepare a 10–12 PowerPoint slide presentation to share the group’s vision of how this new product will position Triangle Solutions as the market leader for years to come. The presentation should provide sufficient details and supporting information to convince Triangle’s CEO and Board of Directors to approve the proposal and begin the intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial development of the product. The presentations should also demonstrate a solid understanding of the intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial approach that has been chosen. 

Additionally, include a title and reference slide. The title slide (including topic title, your name, etc.) makes your presentation look and appear professional. The reference slide should provide APA references for information cited throughout the presentation and ensures credit is acknowledged for other’s work.

For more information on creating PowerPoint presentations, please visit the Microsoft Office Applications Lab.

Please submit your assignment.

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