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Michelangelo’s sculpture, PIETA and Venus statue

The Pieta sculpture depicts the Virgin Mary holding Christ on her laps. It is essentially a Hellenistic sculpture because it does not present a perfect person and it evokes emotions (Barnes, 345). Additionally, Hellenistic sculptures show an imperfect person, exhibit emotions on the face and have scares. For instance, the pieta was an illustration of a few hours after the death of Christ. In the sculpture, Mary appears to be devastated and in sadness but she is resigned to the events that happened and she is now enveloped in graceful acceptance of her fate. Also, Christ is depicted as one who is at peace and asleep on his mother’s laps, this is contrary to the Christ who was bruised and bloodied following several hours of suffering and torturing. On the other hand, the Hellenic were perfect sculptures that depicted images with perfect and proportionate hair, had no scars and evoked no emotions on the face of the sculpture. They show movement in the sculptures. 

The Pergamon Altar

The classical Greek art transformed rapidly as the nation underwent wars and imperial changes. This period was known as the Hellenistic age and was marked by sensationalism, sensuality and emotional transformations (Picón and Seán, 767). Thus, the angry sculpture of the Pergamon altar is full of psychological and passionate drama. The sculpture is so huge that it required a room by itself. It was made in Asia minor and acted as the altar to Zeus and was located in the Greek city of Pergamon. Another amazing feature this giant sculpture is the giant 370 feet long frieze that encompassed the altar, this was a depiction of a war between the giants and gods. Today the sculpture is preserved in a museum in Berlin, Germany. Notably, its author is not known.

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