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This assignment will allow you to complete a draft of the Program Factors and Program Accountability sections of your final project.

In this milestone, you will assess some of the factors that contributed to the design of the program and appraise the program’s metrics for accountability, including funding. As you begin this milestone, which covers the Program Factors and Program Accountability sections of your final project, consider:

  • Stakeholders: Describe the program’s stakeholders. Consider questions such as these in your response: Who will be responsible for the successful implementation of the program? What are the influences from the media, interest groups, or lobbyists? What is their vested interest in the outcome of the program?
  • Advocates: Who are the champions for the program? Why are they advocating for its design and implementation?
  • Critics: Who are the critics of the program? Why does this program pose a threat to them?
  • Impact: Contrast the effect of the critics and the advocates on the design of the program. In other words, how did the critics and advocates of the program affect its design?
  • Monitoring: Assess how the program effectiveness is monitored. For example, compliance, auditing, or accounting strategies could be used to establish factual claims about the program’s performance.
  • Funding: Assess the funding contribution(s) from federal, state, or local governments. Consider questions such as these in your response: What type of funding is used? Is the funding distribution equitable? Does the program receive sufficient and appropriate funding?
  • Strategies: Determine appropriate accountability strategies for the program based on your assessment of how the program is monitored and funded. If there are gaps in funding or accountability, how can they be addressed?

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