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MKT300- Principles of Marketing Management

MKT300- Principles of Marketing Management
Summer 2020 – Individual Assessment 4 – Ch.10 & 12

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1. Identify whether each of the below is a variable or fixed cost. Justify your answer – (30 pts).
a. Advertisement
b. Delivery and shipping charges
c. Employees’ Salaries
d. Equipment Depreciation
e. Rent payment of the store
f. Sales commission
Fixed costs Variable costs

2. Referring to figure 1,
a) Explain the difference between cost-based pricing and value-based pricing strategies – (10 pts).
b) Provide an example for each of them – (10 pts).

Figure 1: Value-based pricing versus Cost-based pricing

Strategy Cost-based pricing Value-based pricing


It was only about 20 years ago that most banks typically only used one distribution channel (their branches). However, since that time they have dramatically expanded the number of channels that they use. Below is a list of common distribution channels for a bank. Your task is to identify the most appropriate mix of channels for two different banks.

The first bank is a major bank that has an extensive number of branches throughout Australia. One of the key aspects of their positioning is that they offer great personal service The second bank is new to Australia. They have no branches and have very little brand awareness in the market. Their plan is to specialize in offering great value home loans only.
Direct channels Direct channels Indirect channels
Branches Mobile managers (who visit the customer) Enable transactions through third-party retail stores
Phone (a call center) Personal Banker (staff who directly look after customers) Utilize mortgage/loan brokers
Phone (an automated system) Direct mail Utilize investment advisers/financial planners
Internet banking Email Get referrals from real estate agents and accountants
ATM’s Mobile phone messages Generate sales/referrals via independent internet sites

1. List the 5 most suitable distribution channels for each bank? Justify your answer briefly – (30 pts).
2. Is your selection of channels relatively similar or different between the two banks? Explain why – (20 pts).

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