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read some of your fellow students’ initial posts and reply substantively to one of them. (Wait until after next Monday, June 27 to do this part of the assignment in order to see all of the initial posts). You don’t have to agree with the particular post that you reply to, but you need to give more than just “I really love that band too” or “yeah, I totally agree with you.” Generally a few articulate sentences will be fine for this reply. To do this part of the assignment, read through the initial posts and find one that interests you. Again, click on the Reply button, enter your text, and when you are finished, click on the Post to forum button. You will have 30 minutes in which to edit your post if you wish. The substantive reply is due by Friday, July 1 at 11:59 PM.

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One of the Student Opinion:

1. Some similarities that the original and cover songs have in both “Shake, rattle and roll” and “Mystery train”, is that both are originally sung by black artists and the cover is sung by white artists. Both were attempts to market early rock n roll hits that were recorded by black artists to a white middle class audience. In this situation often major labels would record a cover version of the song using a white vocalist or vocalists. The style and tone of the original versions of both songs are sung the same, both are sung at a softer tone and at a slower pace. While the cover versions of both songs are sung with a higher pitch and at a faster pace.

 2. Big Joe Turners vocal performance in comparison to Bill Haley is that Big Joe sings at a lower tone. I can tell that Big Joes vocal performance is what was originally fit for the song.  Bill Haley sings at a higher tone in the song, and has a higher pitch then the one that Big Joe has. I can also hear that Big Joe sings in a slower pace than the one Bill Haley sings. Junior Parkers vocal performance in comparison to Elvis Presley is also sung at a lower tone and slower pace than Elvis. Presley’s vocal style was described as a synthesis of country and R&B, and wasn’t close to what Junior Parkers style was.

 3. In both songs I feel like the cover version was a “rip off” of the original song. With reading the chapter it says, that the cover versions were often withdrawn stylistically and the lyrics were “cleaned up” to remove sexual references. I can tell that in both “Shake, rattle, and roll” and “Mystery train” the style of the songs compared to the original was not the same feel. I didn’t get the same vibe that the original song was trying to give off when listing to the cover version. I also feel that in some cases a cover version of a song can be far greater than the original one, but in this case I felt like the original version did a far better job.

 4. In my opinion, the original version is a better one. The feel of the original song feels more real, and just knowing that that’s the way the song is supposed to sound originally, makes the cover version less authentic. Like I mentioned in my answer in question three, while listing to the original version the song gives off a vibe that I didn’t get while listing to the cover song. 

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