Music response | Literature homework help

Carefully read your Groupmates’ initial posts and post your own thoughts, observations, and musical analysis.  Also maintain the discussion of your particular topic.  

Regarding your responses: Offer substantive responses that address the thoughts and observations of your Groupmate who has made the initial post.  (Avoid general “value” statements, such as “interesting” or “nice,” which contribute nothing substantive to the conversation; the quality of your comments will be reflected in your grade.) 


Sample answers are like that:

1. This video was particularly interesting to me too. I have been to a few Bar Mitzvahs and they were so different from this one. People dressed in modern suits and they had a dj playing current songs. Its cool to me that even in the same religion there can still be so many differences in how people celebrate. You did a great job analyzing this too.


2. I’ve also never been to or seen any kind of Jewish related rituals which made this video more interesting. The fact that a religious ceremony could be having a delightful timbre with quadruple meter was something new to me, giving me a better, wider understanding of world music. I liked the part you’ve analyzed the music using the term that we’ve learn in class. It helped to gain clear view of the music.  

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