Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

After reading the section, think about the five major strategies for conflict management commonly identifies in the dual concerns model:
1.Contending (also called competing or dominating).
2.Yielding (also called accommodating or obliging).
3.Inaction (also called avoiding).
4.Problem solving (also called collaborating or integrating).
5.Compromising is the strategy located in the middle

Your assignment is to create a thread where you list the five major strategies listed above along with an example of each of these being used… You could mention an example when you have used these strategies… or examples of you having seen these strategies used… you could even find examples in current events and mention it here. 
Your post should have at least 5 examples (1 for each strategy) (At least 300 words).


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