You can find a list of suggested LGBTQ+ films with links to information about them that you may view for extra credit. These are simply suggestions and you may decide to choose a film outside of the list, provided it is NOT already one of the required films for the class.

After viewing one of these films, write a 500-word   personal reflection   (not a summary of the movie) addressing the following:   What specific LGBTQ-related issues does the film address? What are the conflicts between characters regarding LGBTQ issues? Connections to our texts are encouraged. How has the film informed you or changed you?     

You may submit up to 3 personal reflections for 10 points each, at any point in the semester.   No summaries, please.    A film must be at least one hour long and you may not write extra credit reflections for films that the course requires you to view.


  Adam & Steve2. Aimee and Jaguar3. Albert Nobbs4. Angels in America5. April’s Shower6. Bent7. Better Than Chocolate8. Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss9. The Birdcage10. Blue is the Warmest Color11. Bound12. Boys13. Boys Don’t Cry14. The Brandon Teena Story15. Brokeback Mountain16. But I’m a Cheerleader17. The Children’s Hour18. The Danish Girl19. D.E.B.S.20. Desert Hearts21. Dirty Girl22. Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement23. Elena Undone24. Fingersmith25. Freefall26. Heavenly Creatures27. Hedwig and the Angry Inch28. High Art29. Hit and Miss (Mini Series)30. I Love You Phillip Morris31. Imagine You and Me32. The Imitation Game33. It’s In the Water34. Itty Bitty Titty Committee35. Kinsey36. Kissing Jessica Stein37. La Mala Educacion38. Latter Days39. Longtime Companion40. Lost and Delirious41. Loving Anabelle42. Ma vie en rose43. Mosquita y Mari44. Mulligans45. Milk46. Naked as We Came47. Nina’s Heavenly Delights48. North Sea Texas49. Out at the Wedding50. Out in the Dark51. Portrait of a Marriage (mini series)52. Saving Face53. Sebastiane54. Short Bus55. Show Me Love (Fucking Amal)56. Some Like it Hot57. Strawberry and Chocolate58. The Times of Harvey Milk59. Tipping the Velvet60. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar61. Transamerica62. Transgeneration63. The Truth About Jane64. Unveiled65. Venus Boyz66. Look here for places to find the movies!!


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