Officer Joint Case Study- End of Chapter 9 in Lecher Book- 15 points

I need two papers – two pages each 

Officer Joint Case Study- End of Chapter 9 in Lacher Book- 15 pointsInstructions:

Officer Joint Case Study- End of Chapter 9 in Lacher Book- 15 points

  • In this exercise the student is functioning as either the chief of police, fire chief, public works director, human resource director, or corrections chief. You may adjust Joint’s position to coincide with your career path.
  • To avoid any confusion do NOT use the name of your department on this document. We all work at either the City of Anytown, the Fictitious County, or State of Andora, Board of Corrections
  • The facts of the case will remain the same.
  • The student will write a two-page (single-spaced) document to the law firm of Lacher and Lacher. This firm is representing your organization in the civil suit filed by Joint and the victim’s husband. In this document, you will identify and analyze the ethical dilemmas you faced in your decision to terminate Officer Joint. In addition, you will evaluate intended and unintended consequences of your actions as the department head.

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