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  the table of number will be attached as word doc


  1. Prepare      a schedule translating the trial balance from British pounds into U.S.      dollars. Assume the pound is the functional currency.
  2. Assume      that Pace uses the fully adjusted equity method. Record all journal      entries that relate to its investment in the British subsidiary during      20X8. Provide the necessary documentation and support for the amounts in      the journal entries, including a schedule of the translation adjustment      related to the differential.
  3. Prepare      a schedule that determines Pace’s consolidated comprehensive income for      20X8.

Prepare and submit only one Excel spreadsheet answering all of the requirements. 

Use Excel formulas to make or evidence each of your calculations of each/any dollar amounts. Do not enter any dollar amounts, directly, for the answers to the requirements unless it is unavoidable for obvious reasons. Use the tab function at the bottom of the Excel file where required to answer each of the requirements.

Name your Excel file when you submit it: MyNameModuleXOption1or2.


  • Show      calculations for all questions.
  • Support      writing portion of the assignment (if applicable) with credible sources.
  • Use      terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings, including professional      business language.

References used in lecture:

Chapter 11 in Advanced Financial Accounting (pp. 548-556, which covers Multinational Accounting including the Accounting Issues related to Foreign Currency Exchange Rates)

Chapter 12 in Advanced Financial Accounting (pp. 621-650, Multinational Accounting Issues in Financial Reporting and Translation of Foreign Entity Financial Statements; and pp. 653-656, Disclosure Requirements Under ASC830)

Ernst & Young Foundation. (2017). Foreign currency – lecture notes.

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