Open Sex Role Inventory-sociology of gender roles

According to the Open sex role inventory, the results are partly true and not true as well. Their being based on the responses that the respondent gives. They may be true sometimes but the part about how masculine or not masculine an individual is, is relative. For instance when ladies are alone, and they have to do heavy lifting and fixing of items, they can do it very well in the absence of a male figure. The moment a man shows up, he is expected to take up these tough tasks with the ladies performing the lighter ones. This does not mean that the ladies masculinity is higher in the absence of a masculine figure, but their level of responsibility and the need to get things done surpasses their inability to do tough jobs.

            Likewise, when men are in the absence of a woman, they will at one time clean up the house and cook their meals and keep everything neat. This quickly changes when a woman shows up. It does not necessarily mean that women are more balanced than men, but it shows that both sexes are efficient when the situation calls for it. The observation of the challenge is that, psychologically stable an individual is one whose levels of masculinity and femininity are almost balanced. The general feeling is that they can react to a situation more rationally compared to those whose masculinity levels and femininity levels have a larger deviation.

            It is, therefore, essential for anyone participating in the challenge to be aware that the results do not efficiently reflect on their personality. My results were partly right and partly wrong. I do not feel as feminine as the challenge indicates but rather a balanced individual. The encyclopedia also indicates that the challenge is not scientifically proven to be true. The challenge is, therefore, useful for entertainment purposes because it is not accurate in interpreting an individual’s personality.


Malloy, T. E. “Bem Sex Role Inventory“. Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology.

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