Organizational Behavior :: Questions for Review

Write a two- to three-page paper in APA format (not including title page and reference page) addressing the questions below from the textbook. Do not write the questions, but use them as writing prompts to create a paper with an introduction, paragraphs covering the topics, and a conclusion. Draw upon outside sources to support your answers, finding at least one article from a peer-reviewed journal or reputable business magazine. Be sure to include key learnings from your readings, which requires citation and references.

Textbook: Organizational Behavior (18th Edition), Stephen Robbins; Timothy A. Judge

2-12. Can you think of other examples in which tokenism might emerge in the workplace? What are they?
2-13. Organizations use a variety of diversity management strategies to make employees more aware of and sensitive to the needs of others. Do you think that these same practices may inadvertently (or intentionally) lead to tokenism or moral licensing? Why or why not?
2-14. What do you think can be done to limit tokenism in workgroups and organizations?
3-8. Do you think it is possible for the affective, cognitive, or behavioral components of job attitudes to conflict with one another? Why or why not?
3-9. Can job attitudes be directed toward different targets? Why or why not? What implications does this have for the behavioral outcomes of satisfaction and commitment? 3-10. Do you believe that job attitudes can change over time? Or does each person have a typical level of job attitudes that she or he exhibits from one job to the next?

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