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For your Overview essay, please look back at the course as though you were scoping out an interesting building with many rooms: “Size it up, go inside, wander around, touch things, come back to where you began, for some reflection.”
     Why? “Now you may see things . . . you may realize that some surprise lies behind the façade. Now you can consider the whole piece, and with writing, fix this experience…”
(quote adapted from Philip Bishop, Humanities author). 

Draw examples from the 2nd half of the semester. We covered:
Theater, Music, Film and TV, forms of Love, Life Affirmation, and Happiness. 
Your Overview Reflection Prompts are provided in the pdf, below.  

The pdf below has the prompts for your Overview Reflection  H101 Overview Reflection18R.pdf

I’m looking for a clear, well organized, informed essay, written in your own words which comments thoughtfully on revealing examples. Discuss your deeper knowledge and insights.* Consider their broader implications.** Demonstrate your critical awareness, initiative, breadth and depth of your understanding and thoughts.
Review for organization, accuracy, and clarity of meaning. 

* Insight: Greater wisdom; perceptiveness; awareness: ability to understand a situation, a thing, art or idea, more clearly and deeply, beyond conventional, everyday understandings; to perceive the implications of knowledge.
** Implications: implied, suggested not so obvious meanings of things; underlying themes, possible effects or consequences in relation to larger contexts, such as – historical, social, philosophical, political, cultural, aesthetic ones .

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