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-> No more than 2 pages, double space.

-> The assignment is to go to a bar and write a paper on it. It is for my Nighclub Management class. You dont have to go to a bar. Just create the answers on one you already know of or have been too. Please put the city so I know.

-> Don’t write about how the drinks or food tastes. The point is to focus on the operation of the bar. Meaning youre not there as a guest but a consultant. Focus on things like = was the parking lot clean, well made, did you feel safe.  Did someone greet you?  What was you first impression?  Music, lights, smell???  Was the staff in uniform, did they pay attention to the guest, or their cell phones?  Did they seem happy?  Were there marketing pieces (such as table tents) around the bar?  Promotional posters, stuff in the bathroom?  Were the bathrooms clean?  Well stocked?  Smell?  Attendant?  Time and day of arrival is important…so take that into consideration.

MUST DO THE EXTRA CREDIT. – Pretend you met the manager on Duty (create his/her name) don’t worry about business cards.

Extra credit : if you meet the manager on duty.  Get their name and biz card and include if possible.  Ask them questions about their experiences in the industry.

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