Paper on Critique of “The Pretribulation Rapture”

 Critique of “The Pretribulation Rapture”

Fundamentalist Christians have a particularly unique way of interpreting and analyzing the bible. Such Christians view the Bible in literal terms, interpreting the scripture literally word for word. Christian fundamentality, essential believes the bible was verbally inspired by God, dispensing any possible misinterpretation and personally inspired writing by human beings. “The Pretribulation Rapture” by Todd Strandberg is one such fundamentalist view of the rapture. Strandberg directly interprets events and scriptures in the bible to justify the concept of pretribulation rapture as opposed to post-tribulation rapture. By directly quoting scriptures in the bible, Strandberg produces his scriptural evidence illustrating or prophesying the pretribulation rapture. Strandberg’s view is adopted by numerous fundamentalists and advocators of the pretribulation …

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