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PF : 186082RR Dimensioning and Tolerancing
1. A rectangular block shows apparently square edges on a part you’re supposed to machine from raw bar stock. Without any specific notation, you should
A. assume there are no tolerances on the angle and let the raw stock determine the finished angles.
B. ask the designer what the actual angle should be.
C. assume the angle is supposed to be 90° and let the tolerance block determine the acceptable limits of the angle on the finished part.
D. ask the inspection department what standards should be applied to an unmarked dimension.
2. A dimension on a print is marked 25.25 +/-  .05 mm, but the drawing tolerance block lists a standard of
+/-  .01 mm for two-place decimal dimensions. If the part is actually measured to be 25.21 mm, this means
A. the part can probably be reworked but must be rejected at this time.
B. the part is out of spec and should be rejected.
C. the part is within spec and is acceptable.
D. a determination can’t be made until the print is modified to better define the tolerances.
3. In the figure above, the maximum overall length and width of this part is
A. 32.2 × 59 mm.
B. 32.0 × 60 mm.
C. 16.0 × 59 mm.
D. 38.6 × 60 mm.
4. In the left side view in the figure above, the dimension of the slot on the bottom
A. must maintain perpendicularity with the bottom surface of the part.
B. has an MMC modifier applied with respect to datum E.
C. can go up to 12.2 mm if the material is at MMC.
D. is identified as datum A.
5. In the figure above, which feature control frame applies a tighter tolerance to one datum than to another?
A. D
B. B
C. A
D. C
6. A spur gear pinion and gear shown on a drawing have a diametral pitch of 12. The pitch radius of the
pinion is 1.500 inches and the gear ratio is specified to be 1:3. On the print, you would expect the pitch
diameter of the gear to be
A. 3.00 inches.
B. 9.00 inches.
C. 18.00 inches.
D. 4.5 inches.
7. Exact compass bearings would be most likely found on
A. sheet metal part drawings.
B. floor plans.
C. spur gear drawings.
D. site plans for buildings.
8. A metric print is marked with a dimension of 130.0. This is the equivalent of
A. 330.2 inches.
B. 5.118 inches.
C. 39.37 inches.
D. 3.302 inches.
9. The smallest fractional inch measurement in common use is
8 To view or print a PDF of helpful formulas and information for this exam, click here.
Please be sure to scroll through the PDF document, and read the section headings, to find the information
that corresponds with the question you are working on. The same PDF is available on every question of
the exam, however it only needs to be downloaded one time. The information on the PDF is the same for
each question.
10. A production fixture for machining cylinder heads uses pins to locate the head for precise machining.
The head is manually installed on and removed from the pins. The type of fit used between the pin on the
fixture and the cylinder head locating holes should be
A. LT or LN since the head absolutely mustn’t move.
B. LN because of the precise nature of the locational requirements.
C. LN or FN, depending on tolerances in the head.
D. RC or perhaps LC, depending on how frequently the heads are changed.
11. The two 6.6 mm holes in the figure above
A. must be perpendicular to surface D.
B. must be machined in a maximum material condition.
C. are used to establish the other datum dimensions.
D. are defined as datum D.
12. A note on a drawing tells the machinist to “break all edges,” but one of the edges has a dimension
R .015. The machinist should
A. ask the drafter why only one edge has a radius required.
B. machine all edges to .015, since this is a tighter tolerance.
C. break all the edges with a file or sandpaper, since the edges will likely end up at close to .015 anyway.
D. assume this is an important dimension and machine this edge precisely to a .015 radius, while rounding the others with a file or
13. How many basic dimensions are on the print shown in the figure above?
A. 10
B. 7
C. 9
D. 8
14. A dimension listed on a drawing as (4.743) is a
A. dimension that’s not to scale.
B. dimension that must be inspected on the finished part.
C. theoretically exact number to be used for inspection.
D. reference dimension not to be used for inspection.
15. The ASME recommends the use of
A. aligned dimensions for drawings that have fewer than three views.
B. metric dimensions for all drawings made after 1994.
C. inch dimensions for parts to be made in the United States.
D. unidirectional dimensions for all drawings.
16. In the figure above, which of the feature control frames applies two geometric tolerances?
A. D
B. A
C. C
D. B
17. In the figure above, which feature control frame identifies a feature as another datum?
A. D
B. C
C. A
D. B
18. In the figure above, which feature control frame applies geometric tolerances to a surface?
A. C
B. A
C. B
D. D
19. A dimension of 3.25 inches converted to millimeters is
A. 0.128 mm.
B. 82.6 mm.
C. 0.394 mm.
D. 8.26 mm.
20. Which of the following statements about a primary datum plane is correct?
A. A primary datum plane is determined by which feature can be made most accurately on a part.
B. A primary datum plane determines the manufacturing sequence for making a part.
C. A primary datum plane is the datum to which all part features must relate.
D. A primary datum plane is the basis from which all subsequent measurements are made.




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