Poetry homework it had 2 part. i want some who’s good and familer

1)Watch any combination of videos related to the sonnet that total 30 minutes of running time.  The times vary considerably, from 3-4 minutes to twenty, so this may mean watching one or two or several.  

Identify the videos you watched online and write up a short summary of the contents.  Then critique the video explaining what you learned, whether or not the video was well done, etc.Write up a one to one and one half page analysis. Here is the videos. 

2) The Harlem Renaissance was a time of enormous artistic expression. It introduced new forms of music like jazz and blues, as well as new forms of dance like tap into American culture.  The art also addressed controversial topics such as race and segregation, as well as forms of oppression,  including lynching and discrimination.    All of these topics would be used by the poets of the period in various ways.

Read pages 462- 471( you can find it below) .  Then, as you did before, select some of the videos to watch and critique.  Watch at least 30 minutes’ worth of the videos and do the same as you did before.  Write up a short summary and critique the material.( chose the videos it has to be 30 min in total ) 

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