Polish-Ottoman War (1620-1621)

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            This was a conflict between the Ottoman Empire and Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth over the control of Moldavia. This war resulted Commonwealth withdrawing from the claims it had in Moldavia. For over a long period of dime, Moldavia was a key subject of Poland Kingdom and later Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Schütz 6). With the increase in growth of influence in the region during the 16th century, their interest towards the kingdom. Starting from the end of 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth stepped in to resolve the Moldavia affairs, which Ottoman considered to be within its circle of influence. The constant raids that were experienced by the Cossacks across its boarders to into the Ottomans aggravated the Ottomans. Another reason that caused the eruption or this was the outbreak of Thirty Years’ War and the request to the Bohemia’s rebel leaders for support (Parker 52).

            During my life time, there have also been wars that have been encountered. For instance, the 2008 unrest in Kosovo as a result of declaration of Kosovo of independence caught my attention. Some Kosovo Serbs were not for the move and refused to follow orders (Vladisavljević 12). The reason why these two wars caught my attention is the difference in their causes. The Polish Ottoman War was a result of interest from the two parties fighting for control of the Polish Kingdom whereas the unrest in Kosovo was as a result of citizens going parallel with the government after a long fight for impedance instead of supporting the government. This went to the extent that the Serbs from Kosovska Mitrovica attacked the UN courthouse on the 14th of March which left an UN police officer dead and several injured in the efforts to intervene (Vladisavljević 13).


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