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Politics in media in america

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Topic:Politics in media in america

please use simple English, no high vocabulary.

please include the outline of what you wrote in different document. Use MLA format

The topics you choose should be a question, which can be turned into an assertive (thesis) statement. For this course, you will write about an event in American Political History. You may choose any timeframe from Colonial American History through the year 2012. Your paper will argue the thesis, by providing information to support your assertion. While your paper will be more focused on a particular event, this should guide your thesis statement(s) and overall paper. Remember, your thesis statement can be more than one sentence. Be sure to back up your premise throughout the paper, and restate your thesis in the conclusion. Your introduction and conclusion should mirror one another. 

Paper Guidelines

IMPORTANT: **Paper topic MUST be approved in advance of presenting research/ submitting final paper for a grade** 

-4 FULL pages

-APA Format 

-Double spaced

-Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.

-1” Margins (all)

-do not use: first person (I, me, my)

I think, I feel, I believe

get, getting, got, gotten

-MUST include title page and References page when submitting ANY portion of the paper assignment (formal Paper Topic Proposal, Rough Draft, and Final Draft)

Remember, your grade will encompass grammar, spelling, sentence structure, format, and organization. 

Your argument should be clearly stated and addressed within the paper.

Transitions (between body paragraphs) must be included for proper organization and argumentation.

Typically, in a paper of this length, the body paragraphs should be around 5-7 sentences.

Page numbers and your last name should appear in the upper, right-hand corner of each page.

Number of sources: 3-5 

Required: course textbook (counts toward one of your 3-5 sources)

Other sources: 

Scholarly sources: CIA Worldfactbook (

UN (

American Political Theory Institute (

Smithsonian (

-online journals (via Rice Library/ Google) [peer reviewed, no editorials]

-books (Rice Library, EVPL, ILL, Google, etc.)

-government websites 

DO NOT use/cite: news articles, religious texts, politically biased websites, reviews of journal articles, editorials, etc.

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