Problem-Solving Model


Throughout this course, the focus has been on the problem-solving model and learning how to complete the steps. In addition, you learned how to utilize analysis tools to help you with some of the problem-solving steps.  

That said, there is more involved when making decisions. Much of this is dependent on your use of critical thinking and self-awareness.


Part One

Refer to the article Becoming a Critic of your Thinking. The purpose of this part of the assignment is for you to realize what affects your decision-making. There should be at least one paragraph for each question.

  1. Reflect on major events that have occurred in your life. Considering them, how did they affect you as an adult in your work life?
  2. Identify your role models. Are these individuals in your current or past life? Relative to critical thinking and making decisions in the workplace, what did you learn from them?
  3. From what you learned throughout the course, what are your strengths and weaknesses relative to critical thinking when making business decisions?
  4. Identify at least three of your core values. How do they affect the way you make decisions in the workplace?
  5. Concerning the workplace, describe your approach to persuading others and/or allowing yourself to be persuaded.

Part Two

Redo the decision making self-assessment from the MindTools website . As a reminder, you completed it in week one. In a paragraph of at least five sentences, explain how your decision making has changed since the first week of the course. The link to the self-assessment is located on this week’s overview page.

Your assignment should be at least 1.5 page (single spaced) excluding resources. Use one-inch margins and a standard font size (11-12).

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