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Professional Communications Pt2 : Fountain Essays

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1.   Unlike the recipient’s address on the envelope, the inside address typed in a business letter 


2.   The subject or attention line is usually placed 


3.   When recording a personalized voicemail greeting on your office phone, your greeting should 


4.   Call _______ automatically sends phone calls that are made to your line to another phone number. 


5.   Which of the following is a typical purpose of a memo? 


6.   The dateline of a letter should correspond to the day the letter is 


7.   If you know the name of the recipient of a business letter, but are unsure of that person’s gender, the appropriate salutation is 


8.   What is typically the purpose of the beginning of the body of the letter? 


9.   A caller becomes irate and demands to speak to your manager, Mrs. Wilson. When you inform the caller that your manager is in a meeting, the caller says, “I know she wants to be interrupted to speak to me!” What is the appropriate response? 



10.   What should you do when leaving a voicemail for someone else? 


11.   When transferring a call to another person in the company, the best policy is to 


12.   What should you do if you know you’ll need to leave the telephone for more than 30 seconds to find information for a caller? 

13.   Which of the following is an example of a good listening skill? 

14.   The author of a memo typically signals his or her approval of the memo by 


15.   What should you do when asked to take down a detailed message for your manager or supervisor? 


16.   A third-level heading of a memo is typically 


17.   The body of the letter begins _______ lines below the salutation. 


18.   If an attention line is required on a business letter envelope, the United States Postal Service recommends placing it 


19.   The part of an email that describes what it’s about is the 


20.   What should you do if a caller needs a particular question answered and you’re completely uncertain about whom the caller should contact? 

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