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Proposal for a Research Paper

Proposal for a Research Paper

Is Capital Punishment a Deterrent to Crime?

The controversial topic on capital punishment being subjected to criminals with violence crime sentences still continues to be a debate among people in the world. The debate is between two groups of people where one consider death penalty as a necessary evil and should continue since it will be enough to eradicate a big percentage of crime that occurs in the world(Follis, 2016). The second group of individuals belong to those who do not advocate for it since it is an act against the human rights. The group that support capital punishment not only does it advocate for the capital punishment but that it should be practiced more often(Calcararo, 2016).

 Execution of individuals who have committed crimes has been documented from the past. For instance, since the establishment of the United States Government in 1787, individuals were being executed yearly(Green, 2015). People back then still had the same argument and it led to a public outcry for the government to denounce the punishment. The government reduced the punishment and in 1972 the punishment was announced to be unconstitutional and it was stopped(Melissaris, 2014). The court ruling stated that the capital punishment was only applicable to individuals who were eligible according to the constitution. Before the court ruling the convicted felonies were all subjected to capital punishment. The thought that one would get sentenced to a death penalty and would die once they were caught was the basis for the introduction of capital punishment. Therefore, since no one really wants to die they would avoid the crime, however, the number of convicted felonies was still high(Anthony, 2013). The paper will paper will discuss the issues that are relevant to deterrence. In addition, it will discuss reasons as to why the application of death penalty has not reduced the level of crime cases.

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